Wooden Furniture Ideas for Small Kitchens

So, you are now preparing to move to a new house you just bought after years of saving. It’s not big, but it’s precisely what you need, and you have plans to turn the kitchen into a customised area featuring wooden furniture that blends well with the rustic theme of your house.

The kitchen is a critical area of the home that deserves a touch of your taste and personality. It’s the space where you will cook your favourite dishes, and it’s also where you can store essential food ingredients and other items related to your love for cooking and baking.

Here are the ideas you may want to consider as you plan the overall design for your small but functional kitchen.

  1. Cupboards and Cabinets

For wooden cupboards and cabinets, make sure to choose sturdy types of wood that will last for years. You’ll be storing kitchen utensils, hand towels, pans or works, and other kitchen necessities in the cabinets so the material should have the ability to keep off potential pests.

  1. Space-Saving Tables and Chairs

There are reliable joinery timber Adelaide experts who know how to build the wooden space-saving table-and-chair sets you’ve seen on YouTube or Instagram ads. These sets are foldable and can also be dislocated for when you move to a bigger house or pad.

Reputable joinery timber Adelaide contractors can also build space-saving wooden furniture for other spaces in your home such as beds, lampshade tables, walk-in closets, and just about any other home furniture suited for smaller rooms.

  1. Sink Drawers

Wood is a common choice for sink drawers. Modern homes feature stainless or metal furniture, but wood is timeless and blends well with rustic themes. Timber joinery experts can build the drawers you need for small utensils and other cooking stuff.

  1. Storage Frames

You may have seen no-door cabinets that look like frames installed on kitchen walls. The purpose of these storage frames is to save space. When you opt for these storage utilities, you won’t have to open any doors when you need your favourite herbs or dressing.

  1. Kitchen Shelves

Joinery timber experts can also build cabinets with no frames if you want a modern touch to your kitchen design. No-frame kitchen shelves only have the base frame and a wooden slab for placing various items or décor.


The list is endless if you’re aiming for an all-wood kitchen design. For space-saving furniture, it’s best to consult with timber joinery experts to ensure that you can make the best out of the space allotted for your kitchen.

For other home furniture, you can get a promo package from reputable providers who can offer a deal that covers your entire home at a discounted rate for added savings. Call a timber expert today and discuss the plan so your kitchen project can kick off soon!