4 Things You Need To Know About Installing A Fence

While most online articles would tell you that you need to hire professional fencing Gold Coast contractors to get the best results, you can opt for a DIY fencing job if you want to. The results will vary, but when you follow these five things about fence installation, you can achieve the same level of quality if you hired a professional contractor. So, here are four things that you need to know about installing a fence.

Let It Set Before You Seal

Once you’ve finished installing your fence, it’s essential that you leave it out to dry. There are some adhesives and other moisturisers that takes some time to set in. If you stain and preserve the wood before it can even dry out, the product that you apply won’t be absorbed by the wood. Also keep in mind that painting needs to be done every few years, especially if you have a wooden fence system. You can even ditch painting and opt for a clear wood preservative. Either way, all of them will help preserve your fence longer. Just remember to let your fence set first before you seal it.

Protect Your Pool with A Fence

In most states, having a pool also requires you to have a pool fence installed around it. It’s for preventing any unwanted accidents involving you, your children, and your pets. Most local codes require you to have a fence that’s at least four feet high.

Step You Fence Up the Hill

A tricky part about installations is when you’re dealing with uneven ground, and there’s a constant elevation in the area. If you’re in a situation where you have to step your fence, set one section at a certain height and keep moving up as you go along and around your property. Whether you’re going uphill or downhill, you will need to account for this and do it in full increments or half-feet, that way; you can successfully install your fence in these sloping grounds without it looking awkward.

Dig Deep

One way to guarantee the sturdiness of your fence is by establishing a strong base. To do that, you’ll have to dig deep to ensure that your fence system has a strong base. Make sure it’s at least five to six feet deep for the best results.

Always keep these four tips in mind when you’re planning to DIY your fencing Gold Coast project. Of course, if you need any assistance, you can always call us for help.