Using a Cordless Angle Grinder on Timber and Other Types of Wood Materials

There are many underappreciated tools that people seem to overlook. From Japanese hand saws to orbit sanders, there are a lot of them. However, one particular tool that’s versatile yet you’ve probably overlooked as well is the cordless angle grinder. There are probably a hundred different ways that you can use an angle grinder. Angle grinders are made for sanding different surfaces, most notably metal. But did you know that you can also use an angle grinder on timber and other types of wood? That’s right! In this article, we’re going to show you the different ways you can use your angle grinder for wood crafting.

Carving Wood

Cordless Angle GrinderBy using the abrasive carving disc material that comes with an angle grinder, you can cut swathes of wood quickly and with ease. These angle grinder attachments are ideal for rough shaping wood; however, they’re too powerful for finer cuts. In other words, you should use this setting for your kitchen table legs, but not the kitchen table in your kid’s playhouse. Click here to know more about how to carve wood using an angle grinder.

Planing Wood

The Japanese wood plane is unmatched for certain tasks; but a carving wheel from a cordless angle grinder can handle a much wider range of planning tasks, particularly planing wood. Much like the carving disc, the carving wheel alternative of an angle grinder has a toothed surfaced. This feature makes it the perfect option for planing wood. However; unlike the disc, the teeth on these wheels look more like a chainsaw edge. Be extra careful not to apply too much force and switch to sanding when you’re about to reach your desired thickness. That way, you won’t accidentally remove too much material.

Sanding Wood

An abrasive flap disc is the essential turbo-powering tool used to sanding surfaces. It’s known for smoothing out rough wood in a matter of seconds. The powerful motor of the disc sander allows it to perform this type of sanding on wood efficiently. The discs come in an extensive range of grit, allowing for the effective removal of surface blemishes for an overall smooth finish that you absolutely appreciate.

The results of sanding using a cordless angle grinder are indistinguishable from traditional hand sanding. However; it saves you from all the burden. So if you have wood to sand, carve, plane, or grind, you can guarantee that an angle grinder is the best option for that task. Purchase one today!