5 Of the Best Bathroom Renovation Adelaide Ideas For 2019

New year, new look. It’s already 2019, and your bathroom still looks the same as eight years ago. It’s time for a change. While bathroom renovation Adelaide may seem like an easy and simple project, it’s quite daunting – especially if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, we’re aware of the burden, and we’re willing to lend a hand. Here are the top five bathroom renovation ideas that are trending this year:


A White, Modern Bathroom


We’re in 2019, for crying out loud. It’s like the peak of modernity and the future. With that said, we also need to show that through our bathroom setting as well. When you think about an all-white setup, that’s the kind of modern bathroom that we’re talking about. Clean lines, all-white bathroom appliances, and a few organic touches are all you need to transform your bathroom from prehistoric to futuristic.


Black Powder Bathroom


White isn’t the only modern colour. Try going all-black to see what we mean. Dark monotonous tones are this year’s trend so try to capitalise that by incorporating this theme to unlikely places such as your bathroom. Black is a classy, elegant and futuristic colour. But don’t hesitate to add some accent by putting in some frames and art inside your bathroom.


Wooden Bathroom


Who says wood isn’t ideal inside the bathroom? Could’ve fooled me on this one. With a selection of the fine wood such as cedar and timber, you can create an earthy and more organic bathroom that screams mother nature every time you go inside. Just make sure you use the best quality or else your timber bathroom theme will only last a year before it starts to rot.



Simple & Clean Traditional Bathroom


You can’t go wrong with playing safe. If you don’t want to risk spending money on unproven bathroom designs, then go for the simplistic beauty of a clean and simple design. Incorporating soft colours, as well as neutral shades is more than enough to put your mind at peace whenever you’re inside your bathroom.


Small Functional Bathroom


Finally, we love spacious bathrooms but if your house is too small to spend all of your space in a big bathroom, then opt for a small yet functional bathroom renovation Adelaide. A small bathroom saves space, but it has everything you need – a pedestal sink, an alcove walk-in shower, natural lighting coming in from the window, and more! Aesthetic-wise, implementing mosaic tiles will add some personality and character.