The movie

A short introduction to Don O’Connor and his wood working craftsmanship of bending timber. The only remaining dedicated timber-bending business in Australia, The Timber Benders produce curved wood using unique equipment from the mid-19th century, bending timbers in the same way as it has been done for 200 years.

Circular Wall Shadow Boxes

I’ve just finished another neat circular wall shadow box. Made from American Oak, 600m diameter and 82mm deep with three shelves it looks great. I love the way the application of shellac brings out the colour and grain of the wood. With a coat of Black Wax rubbed in it has a beautiful lustre. The […]

Pocket Park Seat at Bendigo

Yes, I bent the timber for the seat at Pocket Park. Wow, that brought out peoples’ passion. Unfortunately Andy Kimpton (steel work) and I seemed to cop most of the flack, forgetting about those who commissioned the job. However Andy and I stand by our work and are very pleased with the result. It will […]

Hood Bows

As your vehicle progresses through its restoration phases it will eventually get to the upholstery stage. Don’t leave it till the last minute to order your hood bows.  Although it may not take long to bend them (about 2 to 3 minutes) there are a lot of variables prior to this point such as ensuring […]

Table Base Project

  This week sees the end to a furniture project that has taken six months to complete. Be aware, speed at the factory is not always of the essence although I try hard. The Project: To create a dining table base similar in design to a rectangle with concave walls (   ). I used American […]

Welcome to Timber Benders

Hi, Welcome to the Timber Benders blog. My aim is to share what is happening in my timber-bending world. I used to think nothing much happened that was of interest to others but looking back I see lots of stuff that was exciting at the time. As part of my interest in the Timber Benders […]