Table Base Project

Tszar-Table4 Tszar-Table21

This week sees the end to a furniture project that has taken six months to complete. Be aware, speed at the factory is not always of the essence although I try hard.

The Project: To create a dining table base similar in design to a rectangle with concave walls (   ). I used American White Ash as it bends well, is not too heavy and is a pale colour and as the table base was eventually to be painted the lighter colour would help. First off I bent three pieces of ash 170mm x 35mm for each of the four sides and had them joined together to form sides 500mm wide. Then these sides were sanded. It is not possible to get them exactly the same but every millimetre out caused a lot of sanding, particularly on the inside face. We used a belt sander but in future I would make a wide drum with sanding paper wrapped around it to speed up this task. By this stage my son Tim was involved and he can attest to the many hours put in to get the sides smooth. Finally he joined the sides to complete the project creating quite an attractive base for the glass top it is to receive. Have not had word back from the client so can only assume it has been well received and is serving the intended purpose.

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