Pocket Park Seat at Bendigo

Bendigo Seat1Yes, I bent the timber for the seat at Pocket Park. Wow, that brought out peoples’ passion. Unfortunately Andy Kimpton (steel work) and I seemed to cop most of the flack, forgetting about those who commissioned the job. However Andy and I stand by our work and are very pleased with the result. It will still be good well after I am gone.
At some stage it will require a new set of wooden slats (probably 20 to 40 years depending on how they are cared for). The bending machinery that I am using will still be going strong and will be quite capable of doing the job provided someone learns from me and takes over the machines.
Andys steelwork will be there until council or the people get tired of it. It certainly won’t deteriorate and rust.
If the expense can be put to one side, most people are appreciative of the design and consider that it adds to the artistic beauty of Bendigo. Divide the price by the years of longevity and you will find a bargain!


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