What Advantages Are You Getting from a Carport Instead of Building a Garage?

Having a garage at home is a luxury for some, and the reason is that not all homes have enough space to build one. Nevertheless, you should know that there is a practical alternative to a garage minus the need for a big area and permits from the local building authorities. The option comes in the form of a carport.



It is no secret that building a garage is something you dream of, but you should know that it may not be the most feasible option for you. Many homeowners have come to realise that. For them, the best solution is installing timber carports Adelaide. Opting for a wooden-made carport will give you the following advantages:

1 – Carports are affordable.

As mentioned earlier, a garage is not the most practical investment you will make since it is expensive. You need to have thousands of dollars to construct even a one-car garage. Fortunately, you no longer need to produce a lot of money to provide shelter to your vehicle from the damaging sun rays and snow if you invest in carports. Its functionality is exceptionally similar to a garage but without requiring thousands of dollars.

2 – They offer maximum portability.

One of the best advantages of carports over a garage is its portability. This type of shelter can be moved or positioned anywhere you want to. Thus, if you decide at a later time that your carport would benefit you more in another part of your property, you can easily and quickly move it without creating any damage or hassle. Plus, if you plan to move to another house, you can efficiently take it with you by merely disassembling it.

3 – Timber carports Adelaide offer convenience unlike any other.

Unlike garage that takes a lot of time and effort to construct, carports can be quickly installed as fast as possible. Not only that but if you have the right tools needed for the installation, you can do it all by yourself. Instead of waiting for the lengthy construction process to be completed with a garage, you can have your new carport structure ready to be used within a couple of days. Aside from that, investing in a carport reduces the difficulty that comes along when hiring a contractor and dealing with the construction nuisances involved in the entire process of building a garage. Plus, if you want it to complement the overall design of your home, you can customise your carport according to your likes and wants.

There are more advantages a carport can offer compared to a garage. You might be surprised that investing in timber carports can fulfil your unique needs. Although for some, they always dream of having a garage, never take for granted what carports can offer.

5 Of the Best Bathroom Renovation Adelaide Ideas For 2019

New year, new look. It’s already 2019, and your bathroom still looks the same as eight years ago. It’s time for a change. While bathroom renovation Adelaide may seem like an easy and simple project, it’s quite daunting – especially if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, we’re aware of the burden, and we’re willing to lend a hand. Here are the top five bathroom renovation ideas that are trending this year:


A White, Modern Bathroom


We’re in 2019, for crying out loud. It’s like the peak of modernity and the future. With that said, we also need to show that through our bathroom setting as well. When you think about an all-white setup, that’s the kind of modern bathroom that we’re talking about. Clean lines, all-white bathroom appliances, and a few organic touches are all you need to transform your bathroom from prehistoric to futuristic.


Black Powder Bathroom


White isn’t the only modern colour. Try going all-black to see what we mean. Dark monotonous tones are this year’s trend so try to capitalise that by incorporating this theme to unlikely places such as your bathroom. Black is a classy, elegant and futuristic colour. But don’t hesitate to add some accent by putting in some frames and art inside your bathroom.


Wooden Bathroom


Who says wood isn’t ideal inside the bathroom? Could’ve fooled me on this one. With a selection of the fine wood such as cedar and timber, you can create an earthy and more organic bathroom that screams mother nature every time you go inside. Just make sure you use the best quality or else your timber bathroom theme will only last a year before it starts to rot.



Simple & Clean Traditional Bathroom


You can’t go wrong with playing safe. If you don’t want to risk spending money on unproven bathroom designs, then go for the simplistic beauty of a clean and simple design. Incorporating soft colours, as well as neutral shades is more than enough to put your mind at peace whenever you’re inside your bathroom.


Small Functional Bathroom


Finally, we love spacious bathrooms but if your house is too small to spend all of your space in a big bathroom, then opt for a small yet functional bathroom renovation Adelaide. A small bathroom saves space, but it has everything you need – a pedestal sink, an alcove walk-in shower, natural lighting coming in from the window, and more! Aesthetic-wise, implementing mosaic tiles will add some personality and character.

The Three Best Types of Fencing Adelaide Systems

Even if they are built for the same purpose, we need to acknowledge the fact that not all fences are created equal. There are many types of fence types available out there – nine to be exact. But in this list, we narrow that number down to only three of the best fencing Adelaide systems. So, without further ado, here they are:


Aluminium Fencing


One of the most common yet attractive fence types is aluminium. While it’s a bit on the weaker end and doesn’t provide the ideal amount of security that many homeowners would want, it’s relatively maintenance-free and can still offer a level of resistance and privacy. Its strongest point is its aesthetic appeal. Aluminium fences are beautiful and can last long since it’s made of high-quality stain-free aluminium materials.


Wood Fencing


Wood is the most popular fencing system across Australia. It provides homeowners with a solid resistance, boosting the security and privacy of any property. At the same time, it’s also an attractive fence that you can get on the market. It provides a warm and welcoming vibe to your property without having to spend too much since wooden fences are relatively less expensive compared to other fence types. Just keep in mind that the size and height will significantly impact the overall price. The more timber you need, the most expensive the fencing Adelaide project is going to be. Most of all, just like every other fence system, they also take a while to install fully. Therefore, a smaller timber fence is the better option than a large variant.



PVC Fencing


If you’re looking for the cheapest way to fence your yard, while still maintaining a substantial level of privacy and security, then a PVC fence is what you need. This type of fence system uses Polymerising Vinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC, which is a type of synthetic thermoplastic material. While it isn’t as sturdy as timber fences, it can still serve its purpose. The fence posts are PVC sleeves that go on top of wooden posts, adding durability and stability to your entire fence system. It also cuts down on materials costs since it uses less wood.


Good fencing Adelaide starts with the type of material that you use. By going for either one of the top three fence types, you can guarantee that your fence system will be durable, long-lasting, and attractive at the same time. Hire a fence builder today! Visit our website to learn more.